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terça-feira, 13 de julho de 2010

Why is it important to learn english?

Because the business world is so global these days, it is important for all business people to know the English language. So much business is done with English speaking countries that many companies make it a policy to do business with other countries in English, whether either one of them speaks the language or not. This is why it is important to use corporate training using WebEx. This is a basic video conferencing technology that many companies already use for conference calls and meetings. There also is a huge benefit to learning the language using this software.

One of the main reasons that many companies are using corporate training using WebEx is because it is a better way to learn the English language. Many other English training companies simply have your download a document that will teach you the language. There is nothing personal about it. When you use WebEx, you actually are learning the language live with an English speaking instructor. Not only can you see the instructor, you also can hear the instructor. This is so beneficial when it comes to learning a language because they will be able to fine tune their teaching to adapt to your skill level.

Another reason why it is beneficial to use corporate training using WebEx is because many companies already have this software. The reason this is great is because it saves on cost for the company. In today’s economy, anyway you can save money is a good thing. Many other language training companies have you purchase and download their own software, which can really add up depending on how many employees are learning the language. Because you are able to save money, you are more likely to implement the training to more employees, which in turn, results in a better overall company.

In addition to already have the software when you do corporate training using WebEx, you also are saving money because you are not spending money sending your employees to another location. They can be done right at the office, which will convince more of your employees to do the training. Another great benefit of using WebEx is that the lessons can be recorded and archived so you can see the advancements your employees have made.


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